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The Last White Witch.

“I finally found!” One day in the third grade of high school, Fuka a transfer student appears in Yuichi’s class. From that time, strange phenomena begin to occur around Yoichi.

Yes, Fuka is a witch. Moreover, it was the last “heritage of white magic” in the world. Yuichi is gradually fascinated, though confused. However, Fuka suddenly disappears in the wake of an incident.

Five years later, they accidentally meet again

It was the beginning of “the battle between white magic and black magic” that transcends space-time.

Melbourne Events

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International Retreats

Details on the current retreats are available now! Please contact your local temple/branch to find out more.

Below are some pictures from previous Pilgrimages.

Oceania Sangha at Saitama Super Arena for Master Okawa's Goseitansai lecture
Seichi Shikoku Shoshinkan where our July pilgrimage was based. Main Prayer Hall.
Kawashima local branch.
The Hall of El Cantare's Descent - to be completed in Novenmber 2016

For list of all events please contact:

Australia Shoshinkan

Address: 516 Pacific Hwy, Lane Cove North, NSW 2066


Phone: +61 2 9411 2877

Business Hours: 9am- 8pm

Temple is closed Mondays.

Melbourne branch

398 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda, Vic. 3182


Phone +61 3 9537 0047

Business Hours: 11am- 7pm

Branch is closed Fridays.

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