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“The Laws of the Universe Part 1” stayed at the #1 weekend box office for 2 consecutive weeks! Reported on TokyoHive

The Laws of the Universe Part 1 directed by Imakake & distributed by ELEVEN ARTS

Winner of the Special Jury Animation Award Awareness Festival

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Life Guides 2019

Sat 12th Jan – Dealing with Depression ($10)

We all have sufferings and troubles in our life, the questions is how we allow them to affect us. Depression can be overcome by altering our view of life.

Sat 9th Feb – Dissolving Relationship Issues ($20)

Relationships are the most wonderful and frustrating things we face in this world. Issues crop up constantly due to various issues, but we can dissolve issues and build strong relationships with understanding.

Sat 9th Mar – What is Karma? ($15)

Karma is something we all hear about, but have different understandings of. How does Karma affect our lives? Where does it come from? Can we control it?

Sat 13th April – When Does the Soul Feel Joy? ($15)

Have you ever felt a moment of pure joy? Our souls crave joy, it’s like sublime food for them. So how can we achieve this true joy?

Sat 11th may – Gratitude in the Modern Age ($15)

Buddha talked about gratitude. It is one of the great tools we have in this world that leads to forgiveness. Has Gratitude changed over the centuries since then? Is the gratitude that Buddha spoke about still relevant in our modern society?

SUNDAY 23rd June – One Source, One Planet, One People – The Truth of Life on Earth

(State Library of Victoria, $50 – reservation req.)

Where did we come from? How do we fit into the grand scheme of the Universe? Are we really that different from one another? So many questions abound around life, but what is life on Earth really about?

Events coming soon

International Retreats

2018 retreats will be listed soon 🙂 Don’t forget to check back regularly to find out more about our exciting, spiritual journeys.

Below are some pictures from previous Pilgrimages.

Oceania Sangha at Saitama Super Arena for Master Okawa's Goseitansai lecture
Seichi Shikoku Shoshinkan where our July pilgrimage was based. Main Prayer Hall.
Kawashima local branch.
The Hall of El Cantare's Descent - to be completed in Novenmber 2016

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