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Nasu Shoja - Japan - International Retreats

April 24-27 International Retreat

Location: Tazawako Shoshinkan

We will be holding “A Special Esoteric Practice: Meditation of the River Styx”. For the optional tour, we will visit hot spring bath, beautiful cherry blossom scenery, and boat cruising on Lake Tazawa.

Let us feel our spiritual home in front of the Lake Tazawa!

※Application deadline is Feb 28th. Meditation Seminar is available for only 15 people.

Mid-August (TBA) Holy Land Pilgrimage

Location: Hall of El Cantare’s Descent and Holy Land Shikoku Shoshinkan

Visit the Holy Land, Tokushima, the birthplace of Master, and deepen your faith by experiencing the miracle of being born in the same age as the Lord!

We will also join the Awa-dance which is a tradition for 400 years in Tokushima!

Let’s share this precious opportunity in this Holy Land together!

November (TBA) International Retreat

Location: Chiba Shoshinkan and Happy Science University

This will be the first time holding an International Retreat in Chiba Shoshinkan, where is “The Shoja of the Sun.” We can have a specious view of the Pacific Ocean  with bright, open atmosphere.

We also have a chance to visit Happy Science University and interactions with the students!